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Our research.

by Nat Wallen, Founder Agent Converter

Our Discovery Process was quite a journey.

When we created Agent Converter we needed to make sure we were looking closely at both sides of the industry, so we could truly understand how to help people.

We decided we needed to hear from both sides of the industry in order to make sure we were covering all of the real needs both faced. This way we were just not stuck building what we thought real estate agents and loan officers would want.

The months we spent interviewing was really revealing, and helped us gather content for our free resource, and began to shape the technology solution we created. This approach gave us the opportunity to meet a great group of both agents and loan officers.

Like I said, we learned a great deal more than we thought we would…

Click below for a summary of Agent Converter’s Discovery Process.

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Nat Wallen, Founder Agent Converter

Founder - Agent Converter | Realtor - Charleston, SC at BellaRuby, LLC
With a history of being a self starter and an entrepreneur in high school, my successful career in real estate began as soon as I graduated from College. My strong organizational skills and goal oriented drive to succeed prompted me to build a system that allowed me to start from selling zero homes to quickly becoming the Top Real Estate agent in my company of over 1000 agents.Additionally, I have been within the top 5 consistently in my marketplace of nearly 6000 agents and within the top 1% of real estate sales professionals across the United States.

I am now thrilled to help Loan Officers connect and integrate with real estate agents in their communities via the Agent Converter free online resource and the Agent Converter patent pending "Automatic Network Creation and Referral Building" technology.

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