Stop Chasing Real Estate Agents.

Create profitable relationships by integrating your mortgage business with real estate agents and by building good will with your past clients.

Are your Realtor marketing efforts paying off?

If you feel like you are wasting time and money trying to build relationships with Realtors. There is a better way.

Agent Converter will supercharge your business.


Automate and constantly fill your purchase business sales pipeline by partnering with real estate agents.


Create exclusive one-on-one relationships with agents and past clients to create more opportunities on the internet.


Build good will and never let your past clients and your friends forget about you and your mortgage business.

Get more out of your past client and real estate agent relationships.

By organizing and consolidating your important connections, your mortgage business is poised for efficiency, higher production and increased awesomeness.

Expand Your Opportunities with the Referral Network™

Bringing the power of referral automation to the table will ensure a steady stream of opportunities for both you and your real estate agents.

As agents invite their database to connect, they will begin to build a better connection with the people they know.

Don’t worry, you have the same referral automation solution with your account, so your past clients will never forget you either.

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Powerful Co-Marketing with Listing Showcases™

Agents get a patent-pending new technology that helps them win listings, and share important documents that buyers need to make informed decisions.

You get increased web traffic and an SEO boost to your personal site while being a part of every Listing Showcase™ your partnering real estate agents launch into the web.

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This short video sums it up quite nicely.

Don’t just take our word for it.

“Having Agent Converter has helped me grow my Real Estate Agent connections and gives me a reason to call them every week. The video tips have also helped.”

Dustin V.

Loan Officer,
Charleston, SC

“The referral automation element was always missing from my business. I am now able to stay top of mind, which is something I have always needed to do.”

Michael S.

Real Estate Agent,
Asheville, NC

“Just being able to give something to agents that they cannot get anywhere else is great. Last month I had 13 new Real Estate Agent referrals. Agents seem to really like it too!”

Brian T.

Loan Officer,
Charleston, SC


Agent Converter positions you, the loan officer, to provide solutions to the problems all agents face.