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A tour that converts.

by Nat Wallen, Founder Agent Converter

Marketing is attracting.

Think of the carrot on a stick. It has to look tasty for the mule to move forward.

Here is how you can help agents attract more buyers…

Create a video tour of your community that you can host online. By using your knowledge, a little upfront work, and a helpful approach to helping buyers discover your community, you can build trust and find buyers for your agents.

By creating content that highlights your community, you can begin to build rapport and trust, while also shaping a buyer’s experience moving into your community.

You can also use these as tools to build a list of buyers that need to find the right real estate agent to handle their transaction. If you position yourself as a neutral party just willing to help buyers, it will attract more opportunities, and the good part is that these assets live forever.

This is an example of an Obscure Restaurant Tour that buyers love.

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